Baby dumping issue: inaccurate focus

Recently we’ve been shocked by the baby-dumping issue where the cases reported increase day after day. The issue is so seriously debated by the government and public alike, and calls for nabbing the culprits and slapping them with heavier punishment can be heard loudly from multiple organizations. However, in my opinion, the reaction towards the issue is somewhat inaccurate, as we are distracted from the main, big issue of baby-dumping, which is the cause itself. I am not talking about the cause of baby-dumping only, but the cause of premarital pregnancy as well.

When your car overheat so frequently, your reaction shouldn’t always be, and limited to, pouring water into the radiator. For the first few times maybe, but if it occurs daily, than you ought to check the radiator, try to find the cause of the car’s roofing temperature. Maybe there are some leaks that you should fix. Even if it will cost you hundreds of ringgit, which is much expensive than the pouring-water solution, in the long run, it is a much better solution.

Same thing goes to the baby-dumping issue. First of all, I concur with the call for stiffer punishment, as the one we have today is not deterring people enough from committing the crime. However, we shouldn’t be so naïve to think that heavier punishment will effectively solve the problem, or at least reduce it significantly. History should have taught us how fears for punishments escape the criminal minds. We have death penalty, the heaviest punishment there is, for murderers, drug traffickers and kidnappers, but still the numbers of these crimes are increasing. We introduced whipping as a form of punishment, even demonstrated the painful whipping process in expos and public functions, and yet rape and robbery cases are not reduced as much as we hoped so. Thus, by just sentencing baby-dumpers to heavier punishment will definitely never work.

The other concern I have from this whole “punish the baby dumper harder” calls is that it will send the wrong message to the society, especially the youths. By hammering and condemning the crime of baby-dumping, the message may be misinterpreted to the idea that pre-marital sex is condoned, as long as you use protection (contraception), or if you accidentally got pregnant, it’s ok as long as you don’t dump the baby. We even came out with the idea of a ‘Baby Bank’ for these ‘accidental’ parents to give up their unwanted babies for adoption. One thing about youth/teen that we have to know, as was put so well by Dr Gregory House is that they are ‘stupid and clueless’ and they interpret messages to their likings only. So even if we come out with an explanation on how the stiffer punishment will trigger a so-called chain of reaction, i.e. you don’t want to get punished, thus you will not indulge in premarital sex kind of reaction, the restless minds of youth will never think that far. All they know is, don’t dump the baby. Period.

What should we do then? How do we curb baby-dumping issue? Afif thinks the effective way is to curb the premarital sex among youths. How to do that? By curbing and controlling the curiosity of these teens about sex. The way to go around this is to answer their curiosity in a controlled manner, i.e. sex education, and in the same time to block the elements that can trigger and further drive the curiosity into something more. Internet porn is the biggest problem, as it is free and easily accessible, what with the affordable net books and smart phones and poorly supervised cyber cafes and all.

I’ll write on the solutions later, insyaAllah, as there is so much I want to say on that.


~ by jfa3903 on August 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Baby dumping issue: inaccurate focus”

  1. welcome back! Dah puas bersawang blog nih…. keep on writing!

  2. totally agree. a so-called ‘quick n effective solution’ to this problem only reflects how society wants to get back on the people who dump their babies, to show how they hate that things like this are happening around them. being ignorant is never going to solve this problem.

  3. i think its ok to have mandatory punishment for those who commit baby dumping, provided the public is aware of the reasons why the punishments are made in the first place. if that is written in the syariah, then i believe that its true. need 4 sex education is ever present, so that youths esp will be in the ‘know’ of what sex really is. when sexual issues concern the young ones, grown ups usually closes the case right away, saying that the young ones are not matured enough to know about sex. to me, children introduced to sex by popular song video clips n the internet are getting younger as time past, n we cant deny that children are getting smarter. that is exactly why i think that it is compulsory for children to get the right impression n info about sex.

  4. ur article n response to this kind of issue r so useful to me as i need to submit a reaction paper bout baby-dumping which comonly happen around us. . so tht, much info n opinion i get here when i start to through on ur blog. .its good for teens like me to knw tht much bout it. .

  5. i am a law student and i want to get your permission to take your article for my project assignment.

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