Traffic Jam

I realized I still like to write, and think, thank God. So here I go.

Traffic in KL is bad. Every morning, I wake up with great reluctance, not by my job, but the notion that I have to drive for about an hour to the office is simply off-putting. For some people, they say traffic jam is therapeutic. I laughed the opinion off every time I’m stuck in the traffic jam, as I couldn’t understand what is so calming and soothing about being stuck in a confined space of your car with aching leg and boring scenes that are the taillights of other vehicles.

However, this morning, I finally understand what they meant, even if it’s not entirely accurate. One thing that I observe every morning when I’m stuck in the traffic jam is that I think a lot in the one hour period. Somehow, the boring routine of being stuck in the traffic jam gives me the perfect window of time to really put together my thoughts and get epiphanies. Most of the time, ideas of what to write in my blog came during these times. There’s something about being alone in a private-yet-public place that gives me the calmness and tranquility required to really reflect on what I’ve done, become, and will be in the future. I guess what the traffic jam lovers tried to say is that when you have nothing to do physically in a traffic jam, your mind will take over and launch into overdrive mode. Thus, it’s therapeutic. The exception is, you have to be alone, or otherwise you’ll end up listening to snores or babblings of your passengers, which could get really annoying in those trying stuck-in-a-traffic-jam time.


~ by jfa3903 on June 21, 2011.

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