Qunut Nazilah

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Let us recite the Qunut Nazilah for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Freedom Flotilla. It’s the least we can do.

Qunut Nazilah


Freedom Flotilla attack: A wake up call

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I thought my blogging days are long gone as I have so many things to do, so many new responsibilities that requires me to channel all my energy and time to mainly studies, work and family. However, I got a wakeup call that made me realize, blogging and writing, conveying my ideas and opinions, provoking thoughts and spreading the words of Islam, is one of my responsibilities as well. So here I am, here I go.

On Monday, May 31st 2010, the world was shaken by the inhumane Israel commando attack on the humanitarian aid mission to Gaza called the Freedom Flotilla. The attack was made with the ‘justification’ that the flotilla was seen as a provocation to the Israeli military and territory, and it violates the ‘blockade’ imposed on Gaza. The flotilla consists of several boats carrying food and medicines for more than 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them living without shelters and necessary medical attention.

Freedom Flotilla under siege

The pre-dawn attack on international waters (NOT Israel waters, AS IF they even exist) involved live-ammunition fires from the Israeli commandos, in response to the ‘attacks’ by the volunteers on board. The volunteers ‘attacked’ the commandos in self defence, with slingshots and thin metal pipes. Somehow, the elite commandos got so scared and threatened they have to open fire to defend themselves from these ‘savage’ attacks, killing 16 people and injuring more than 50 people in the process.

The world responded almost immediately with statements by country heads including Turkey, Greece, Germany, France, Lebanon, United Kingdom and many more. As always, the best that they did was to condemn, expressed regrets over losses of innocent lives, raged and angered by the excessive forces blah blah blah. None of the response did any good, at least not directly, to the people on board of the flotilla and the people of Gaza. Israel keeps on defending their troops (called IDF), saying it was an act of self defence and maritime law enforcement.

Brave Palestinian boy surrounded by Israeli militants

The reactions, and even to some extent the attacks by Israel is not that surprising actually. Can we actually get surprised by inhumane acts committed by Israelis while history had proven time and again that they are indeed the most violent, arrogant and evil people in the world? Are we really expecting other countries nowadays, with the exception of Lebanon and Iran, to react physically to the attacks launched by Israel? Aren’t we got used to and sick with these verbal, diplomatic reactions, emergency UN meetings, resolutions, peace talks and all the false hopes given by our leaders?

The question remains; what can we do as young, common people when the entire world leaders could do is to condemn Israel? The answers, my friends, are obvious.

I’d like to think that the readers of my blog, my posts and status in Facebook, as well as readers of other great blogs and writings on Facebook as future leaders, young thinkers and intellectuals that aspire to do something significant in the world.

Therefore, you should know that all there is for us to do is to be somebody. Be important, competent, respected, acknowledged, famous, even idolized so that we can, not only speak out to the world, but actually take meaningful actions in defending our countries, religion and faith. This may not happen in one year, or even a decade, or maybe not in our lifetime but sooner or later, Islam will rise again. We have to have the ambition to be part of this, the drivers and workers and forces behind the promised rise of Islam to the top of the world.

How do we be important, famous, acknowledged? Well, it starts with doing well in studies, at work, in volunteering and NGO movements, in da’wah and tarbiyyah. How to do well in those? Equip and enrich ourselves. Start reading serious, meaningful and substantial books and articles (not Harry Potter or Twilight saga or Galaxie), start having intellectual dialogues and discussions, start writing and blogging about things that matter, and above all, START THINKING! We have to WAKE UP, THINK and ACT. Time is not on our side, not ours to lose. Let’s be important, and important changes we will bring to the world.

Moody lately?

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moodyI was in a bad mood mode yesterday, so bad that I slept for nearly the whole day, even in realization that I have so many works to do, so little time left.

The feeling that I had was quite ineffable I might say. It’s hard to explain and actually, I have no idea why I felt that way. I was pissed at little things, like my baggy trousers that caught tonnes of sands on my way to the kulliyyah, and some really rude people blocking my way into the cafeteria. I even cursed at my own car just because it didn’t start after only the first attempt. In normal circumstances, I would just shrug them off, but not yesterday. I was so mad!

Back in my room, I slept throughout the day, got up only for some toilet and water cooler breaks. My mind was numb, I couldn’t think of anything to do. Problems and loads of outstanding works are piling by the hour and yet, those didn’t bother me at all. It did the next day though.

Today, my mood had improved. I woke up with a great feeling, like something good was around the corner. Well, as it turned out, I was wrong. The day, up until now, is a bad one. Got more works to do, while so many other works still undone, my wallet is thinning out, and I’ll be having a test tonight. But I am still in a good mood. This really baffles me.

prayerAfter a little pondering, here’s what Afif thinks. I think that sometimes our mood can just go wrong all of a sudden, but that doesn’t mean it happens for no reason at all. I don’t know about other people, but I think I figured out one of my reasons. Sometimes, I tend to get lazy in my ‘amal. Sometimes, my prayer time goes haywire; sometimes I don’t recite even one surah from the Holy Quran. Most of the time I’m aware of the obligations, but sometimes I simply let myself live an easy life, which, in other term I call an unproductive, meaningless life, without the ‘amal.

Little did I realize Allah has so many ways to punish me for my carelessness. Sometimes, He will take away things I need and love, like my laptop and my money. Sometimes, He gives me sickness and diseases like flu and migraine. And sometimes, all He does is just switch my mood from OK to KO, and everything falls apart, turning my life upside down. And just to highlight His power, he flipped my mood the very next day, and let me face all the troubles caused by my mood the day before. And all of this, seemingly, without any reason at all. And just because my mood is OK, I think why on earth did this happen. And when I think about it, I got the reason (it’s a blessing, isn’t it?), got it?

Yeah, it’s confusing. But I get it, and I hope you do. If you don’t, then just remember, He is the Almighty, has power over us and can punish us and bless us all in the same time with as little as a bad mood day. Don’t be careless with our ‘amal.

What is wrong with these people!

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First and foremost, I would like to remind all the readers, please be open-minded. Understand that this blog is only a medium for me to convey my opinions (and frustrations), and they really are just opinions. No posts or entries uploaded here are intended to offend any party, nor is it a statement of any party connected to me. If you are unhappy with what I write, well, too bad. Feel free to comment on them, and we can discuss, but do not take the posts too seriously and personally. It is after all what Afif thinks, nothing more.

So recently, I got back to my old residential college after 3 months of renovation works. During the checking in at the office, I looked for an empty room and fortunately found one. When I got there, I was impressed by the new furniture. They were not exquisite, but surprisingly decent. I kind of like the colour, and the new paintwork really transformed the once gloomy hostel into a nice, cosy bedroom. In short, I was happy with the new room.

Sadly, it didn’t last long. The day after I moved into my new room, two African students moved in. They were both first year students, and my first impression was “They’re OK,” They are not really friendly, but very neat and tidy, a trait u rarely see in those people. I thought it’s going to be fine, little did I know I couldn’t be more wrong.

As time goes, one problem after another emerged, testing my patience to the limit.

bc_shoutFirst there was the issue of talking loudly, and I mean REAL loud, as in ‘violation-of-safety-standard-and-human-norm’ loud. I was sure they were only one meter apart, but judging from the deafening diarrhoea of incomprehensible words they call conversation that was going on, anyone will assume they are 300 meters apart. This part, though, I can stand, as I am kind enough to assume that it’s their tradition or norm back in their countries to scream their lungs out when talking, so I let it pass me.

speakerThen comes the second problem; the stupid, stupid African songs they play in the loudest volume ever set for deaf people using their gigantic (inversely proportionate to their brain and intelligence, size wise) speakers which often looks like a piñata ready to be smashed to pieces in my eyes. In my effort to calm myself down, I assume they have no money to go to discos so they have to settle with this, but then I noticed they use a Fujitsu laptop with a very huge subwoofer, so they must be rich. After a long contemplation, the only conclusion that I can come up with was that they are ignorant. Thus, I nicely told them to lower down the volume, but in compliance with the incredible stupidity of their peanut-sized brain, they only reduce the volume from REAL LOUD to REAL loud. Then I asked again, then again, then again, up until I reached the only explanation to their baffling behaviour; they really are DUMB, IGNORANT, STUPID, UNCIVILIZED people (I’m kind enough to call them ‘people’, they should be grateful).

So what’s the deal with these people? I have no prejudice when I first met them in IIUM. In fact, I was nice to them and treated them good, even better than my Malay friends, as I was under the impression that they are the smartest and brightest people of their countries, future leaders who carry the hope of their nations. But time after time, year after another, they keep on giving me more and more reasons to despise and hate them.

I thought to myself, if these are the young leaders and future of their countries, then no wonder African nations are so left behind. Furthermore, only now do I realize how the so-called racists feelings and reasoning of their hatred towards these people; it’s not us, it’s them. If they behave better, then we’ll like them better. But in current state, I really, really despise these people.

I am sorry if it is offensive, or to some extent, racist. However, do realize that I do not judge their skin colours, or hairs, or from where they came. I just hate the attitude, the rudeness, the ignorance, the dumbness and stupidity of these people when it comes to human relation. I call all African friends especially in IIUM, prove me wrong. Behave better. Please.

My EIT (Part 1)

•June 18, 2009 • 4 Comments

Salam all.

As most of you readers know, I am currently undergoing the Engineering Industrial Training, which is a requirement for me to finally graduate. Here, I’d like to share my experience in the training program.

MMC_LogoI am placed in a company called MMC Oil and Gas Engineering Sdn. Bhd. It is a subsidiary of MMC Berhad, which stands for Malaysian Mining Company. MMC OG is an oil and gas engineering design contractor, which means the main business of the company is designing engineering works in oil and gas engineering. The difference between a design contractor and a construction contractor is simply as suggested by the name; we design the engineering works, structure, process etc. while the execution/construction of those designs will be given to other company. Therefore, the end product of a design consultant is the final designs of engineering works, approved for construction.

Menara TM Asia Life

Menara TM Asia Life

The office of the company is situated in the Menara TM Asia Life, Jalan Tun Razak. Not a really tall building, it doesn’t stand out among other buildings in the area, but it is clearly visible if you are heading to KLCC from Damai or Keramat area. In the vicinity, there is also a service apartment building called Menara Promenade (which I discovered recently that the rent is RM8000 per month!), which is right beside TM Asia Life, and also the Megan Avenue, which houses a lot of outlets (restaurants, clinics, 7-eleven, karaoke lounge to name a few).

My first day was funny. I’ve never been to this Menara TM Asia Life, so my only guide is the map I got from the website. According to the map, it is located near the Ampang Park shopping mall, so I had no worries at all. Little did I know, the building is actually hidden behind other buildings, and it is almost impossible for you to spot the building from Ampang Park. The first day, I was excited and anxious, so I went early, as early as 6.30 AM! I was at Ampang Park around 7:00AM, and I wandered around looking for the building.

Ampang Park

Ampang Park

For 30 minutes I walked up and down the Jalan Ampang, looking for the ‘menara’ bearing the sign TM Asia Life, and I didn’t find it! I was so confused and panicked, I crossed the road several times and ‘pusing-pusing’ looking for the word TM Asia Life. After several minutes, I decided to just walk along Jalan Tun Razak, as stated in the address. So I took the long way, went around Ampang Park and MIDF building, until I found the ‘tower’ at last. I looked up, and I saw the sign ‘Tokio Marine’. How on earth should I know TM stands for Tokio Marine? I actually saw the building from Jalan Ampang, but I was looking for the Asia Life part, not TM! So my first day, at 8.00AM, I was already sweating like hell.

To be continued…..

Have you said “I love you” to your parents lately?

•June 17, 2009 • 3 Comments

imag4679In the last post, I told you about the song that I am currently listening to. In the same album, there is another song that I really like, but I never caught the lyrics. The melody of the song is quite mellow, and in my opinion, it is wonderfully crafted and performed. Up until 5 minutes ago, that’s all my opinion on the song, but when I came across the lyrics from the Internet, I was flooded with emotions. It is brilliant, very touching and most importantly, real. It nearly made me cry, and it is a powerful reminder of how careless we are in conveying our love towards our parents. Even in my case, where my relationship with both my mom and dad is fine if not excellent, I sincerely can’t remember the last time I said “I love you” to them. May this post of the lyrics be as strong a reminder as it did for me; say the words before they are gone.

Lafaz Yang Tersimpan


Luluh hatiku yang sayu
Menatap wajahmu tenang dalam lena
Kasih zahirkan laku
Sedangkan bibirku jauh dari lafaznya

Dan raut tuamu membekas jiwaku
Meredakan rindu mendamaikan kalbu
Tak mungkin kutemu iras sentuhanmu
Biarpun kuredah seluruh dunia
Mencari gantimu

Betapa sukarnya menyusun bicara
Meluahkan rasa menuturkan sayang
Kasih yang terlimpah hanya sekadar
Cuma ungkapan kebisuan yang
melindungkan kalimah rahsia

Masih kubiarkan waktu
Melarikan lafaz kasihku padamu

Mengapakah sukar menyusun bicara
Meluahkan rasa menuturkan sayang
Kasih yang terlimpah hanyalah sekadar
Cumalah ungkapan bisu kalimah rahsia

Apakah yang hilang andai dilisankan
Bait penghargaan penuh kejujuran
Tak mungkin terlihat cinta yang merona
Jika hanya renungan mata yang bersuara
Bukan tutur kata

Tiada lagi ertinya pengucapan
Andai akhir nafas di hujung helaan
Sebelum mata rapat terpejam
Usah biar kehilangan
Menggantikan lafaz yang tersimpan

Mencari Yang Maha Satu

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I am a fan of Nasyid (seriously), and currently, this is my favorite song. Not only that it’s nice, I think we all (at least I do) can relate to the lyrics. Enjoy!

Mencari Yang Maha Satu


Terkapai-kapai diri dihanyut arus waktuunic-vi
Kegelapan hati yang sering buat ku keliru
Dalam menguji pergolakkan emosi diri
Tak siapa tahu ada yang memerhati

Mencari yang Maha Satu itu yang ku tuju

Di dalam menjalani tiap dugaan yang diberi
Membawa pengertian hidup yang abadi
Tanpa perlu menipu diri sendiri
Yang menjadi lumrah duniawi

Seandainya ada yang memberi ruang
Akan ku baiki setiap kekurangan
Oleh itu diri memerlukan
Petunjuk dariMu oh Ilahi

Kau yang Maha Satu

Diriku kini masih tercari-cari
Jawapan untuk setiap persoalan ini
Ku akui kesalahan dibuat segalanya
Kelak jadinya terima seadanya

Ku cari terus ke situ
Itulah lampu hidupku
Terangilah gelap hatiku
Ku pohon restu dariMU

Akan ku baiki setiap kekurangan
Oleh itu diri memerlukan
Petunjuk dariMu oh Ilahi

Kau Yang Maha Satu

Apabila tersilap langkahku
Tiba-tiba berbisik namaMu oh Ilahi
Terdetik di hatiku untuk sujud ke pangkuanMu
Memohon ampun dariMu
Tak seharusnya ku tergoda lagi
Dunia ini yang sesat membuntukan  jiwaku
Kini ku mengakui keagunganMu
Yang membuat ku sedar siapa diriku ini

Tak semua lahir sempurna

Tak semua lurus jalannya

Cerita yang dijadikan cerita
Dengan izin Yang Maha Esa wujud
Aku cinta dan cita
Segala yang ada bermula dari Yang Maha Esa
Aku akui harapan kasih dan hasratku tak setajam itu
Yang tak mampu risau lidah mudah di banjiri
Fitnah melilau-lilau
Tuhan lindungilah dia dari kata-kata jahat itu
Doa-doa di pohon sentiasa setiap masa
Ampunilah dosa-dosa semasa lalu ku tersalah
Dewasakanlah pemikiranku yang tak semegah mana
Salah silap ku berkarya tak pernah ku salah guna
Kau Yang Maha Satu (4x)